One Of These Days

Collaboration with Austin hand (U.S., drums) and Gareth Bennett (U.K., git solo) 

One Of  These Days No 1 on Fandalism with old Thumbnail

One of these days
I spend just by myself
It's one of these days
I'm going to get lost
It's one of these nights
I'm sweating all alone
It's one of these nights
I miss sense at all

Come into my house
into my dried out house
come into my house
Into my house

My fantasy
slips to my body's center
i feel the dance
of my fingers on my skin
a stream of warm air
wraps around my heated cheeks
feel both too little
and too much

Feel no desire
for my digitally friends
cause what i need
consists of flesh and blood
want feel the creep
a gentle hug would give me
a face to caress
that would make me
feel good

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